Suad Mikha
Suad Mikha
Licensed Insurance Producer
Office: Main Office
Phone: 248-856-9000 Ext 106
Fax: 248-856-9001

Suad Mikha is very determined to be successful. She walked into the office in 2010 looking for employment at our tax office, Great Northern Tax, which is located in the same location. She was dedicated and completed the class to become a tax preparer and has a loyal tax clientele base. She educates her clients on the proper way to file their taxes and corrects the false myths when they are misinformed. 

Suad didn't want to stop there, she took it upon herself to get licensed as a property and casualty insurance agent in 2011. Again she has a loyal clientele base with plenty of satisfied clients referring her name to others so she can assist them as well.

Suad speaks 3 languages (English, Arabic, and Chaldean) She is married to Ihssan Mikha and has 3 wonderful children. They are trying to convince her for a family pet for the home. Suad is very family oriented and a excellent cook and baker, and always looks to make her family happy.   

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